Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I know i've been laggin on uploading videos of me working out and such, but i'm still here! Still doing my Insanity workout! I've just been embracing my break for a minute just by kickin back, not worrying about a thing and just doing what i do. But oh boyee, Video will start coming soon!
The next video ima do is about Shakeology, and the Shakeology 3 day cleanse! So be on the look out for that.

Damn I love this vacation soo darn much! It's so relaxing and I get to catch up on everything I wanted to do! First off, I organized my drawers in my room filled with clothes. during the weekends when I would come home from college, I would just shove all of my clean clothes into the drawer without folding them. Now that I have the time I've been neatly folding my clothes and hanging them up in a hanger! I've also tidied up the loft room where I worked out. This place needs to get cleaned up fast. The reason why it's so junky is because I remodeled my room and all this old junk furniture was from my room and needs to be thrown away. Another reason why is that we had a second home, and we decided to rent that out, so we had to put all the furniture from that house into storage and since not everything can fit in storage, we brought it my house.

So that explains the reason for the junkiness in the background. Let's see.. Today I did 2 workouts. I did Insanity Max Interval Plyo and Turbo Jams Fat Blaster. Turbo Jam was a whole lotta fun! The weight gloves are pretty rough, my arms are not that strong. lol. It really gets you sweating and the workout for turbo jam that i did today was only 30 minutes! I enjoyed it!

I also got a flip camera. I got the FLIP SLIDE HD with 16gb. Really cool and fun. I originally bought it, but brought it back because I compared it to my other HD camera which is the canon vixia hg21 which takes gorgeous HD footage. And i thought the video quality would be as good as that but it's not. But it still takes really nice sharp video footage. And it's small and easy and on the go! That's what I love about that! but What brought me down, was that it didnt take still images. So i returned it.. and looked online for something cheaper that would take still images and is still and HD point and shoot camcorder. So I ordered the Samsung HMX-U20. I thought the footage would be a lot better than flip cam, but the videos in low lighting are just horrible! Flip cam's is a lil bit pixely, but it's not that bad compared to the samsung one! but since I lost the receipt I jsut ended up keeping it. Its still takes cool HD videos only outdoors in the bright sunlight! but i'll use this as my back up video cam! Still shots are pretty good.

But yeah, that's what i've been up too lately. Tomorrow I'ma go grocery shopping for some HEALTHY FOODS! lol! I plan on trying to make chicken curry, turkey hamburger, turkey chili, ground turkey burrito. lol! all them thangs! i'll keep you updated and try and post some pictures!
Arright that's it for now Take care!

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