Feeling Lazy..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alright, So I have to admit that I do get a bit lazy and intimidated to wake up each morning and do my workouts since i've been on summer vacation. I usually sleep really late at night and try and wake up around 11 to do my workouts.
Sometimes I try and wake myself up earlier than that but i got this "im on vacation" mode going on in my head so i think to myself i'll have more time to sleep.However, I hate waking up late and it scares me if I do and get all paranoid because I don't want half of my day wasted by sleep! But I usually wake up around that time and I usually feel really tired. Most of all intimidated by the insanity workout. I'm like darn.. MAX INTERVAL TRAINING? lol.. but I usually push myself to get up and do the actual workouts. Then when I really do the workouts I Get this Workout HIGH like damn i feel good and i feel accomplished! IT also makes me want to crave for more workouts. That's why After i do insanity sometimes I do Turbo Jam or an Ab workout because I just want to keep on going!It feels really amazing and I know in the end everything all my hard work and dedication to working out will pay off! Most of all eating healthy!

What helps me with my laziness is that right before my workouts I usually watch videos that are inspiring to me. I also watch videos of myself doing the workouts. I'm like damn.. I've came this far and I don't want to give up now! I'm almost closer to my goal! So that's what really gets me pumped up and motivated! Watching my videos and making videos of myself working out has helped me a lot! Without any inspirational videos of myself and all the other coaches or people posting up their video of them working out, I wouldn't have thought i'd made it this far.

I love watching old videos of myself working out and just looking at my before and after pictures and thinking to myself that I can get a better body! I just can't be lazy and I have to be determined! My goal is at least to be around the 110-115 range. But for now i'm aiming for 115. Then when I get to 115 i'll see how i feel if I wanna lose more weight or not.

So that is my motivation for right now. Just watching videos of ppl work out and it gets me amped up! I Can't wait until I get that body of mines that I've lost from being in college! It may be even better than what I once had too!

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