P90x or Insanity round 2?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I almost done with the Insanity program and i'm really diggin the results I'm getting! It's been quite a ride hopping into something extreme as insanity! What I must say is that I really built my endurance, and my legs have become a lot strong and toned! Especially my arms! My arms weren't a big concern from the beginning, mostly my legs and my stomach but I did manage to build up muscles on top of that. So after I finish insanity, I'm wondering which program i should start up next! I definitely wanna do Turbo Fire, but that comes out in mid june, that gives me about 3 weeks to do something. Should I do a 2nd round of insanity? or Start p90x? I was really thinking about mixing them together and doing a hybrid. I hope that wont be too much.

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