New YouTube Channel

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey everyone! I just made a new YouTube Channel for my fitness life.
it's getfitwithliza!
whoot whoot! and since im almost done with my spring semester i'll have plenty of time to post new videos and such! I'm definitely more excited for the summer than i was a few week ago! Yay!!!

I usually make videos when I got back home for the weekend from my apartment. I live in an apartment 5 minutes away from my campus and come home every weekend! I know it sounds silly, but that's just me! I live about an hour away from my apartment so the drive isn't too bad, unless there's is traffic! So most of my videos are taken place upstairs in the loft of my house! :)

Youtube Channel:
Shakeology website:
Teambeachbody website:

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