Turbo Jam!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So, I just ordered Turbo Jam! I wanted something fun and not as challenging as p90x or insanity to do with a hybrid with those workouts over the summer. I also got it hoping my mom would try this workout with me since its isn't as harsh as the previous programs I own such as p90x and insanity! So hopefully this will help her lose weight and lower her cholesterol level since its very high right now. Can't wait to work out every single day during the summer!!

Imma probably do round 2 of insanity and mix it up with weight training from p90x and turbo jam!! ugh i'm so excited for these workouts! It's going to be tough.. but It just makes me happier knowing that I am heck of a lot closer to my goal! :)

Lets see.. okay the reason why i wrote this blog so late is because I cant freakin sleep right now. One reason is because i took a nap earlier in the day.. and a second reason is that Im scared of spiders and just saw one crawl right by my bed on the wall and got hella scared. I backed away and just stared at it looking a things I had to kill it with. I didnt want to just get a tissue n kill it.. cuz a tissue is just too thin n i didnt want to feel it get squished. And it might jump at me! So I looked for something thick, so i saw my panty liner box n took it n smashed the damn thing! now i feel like there's things crawling all over me!

i needa go to sleep fast cuz im hungry and I cant wait to have my chocolate shakeology in the morning! whoot whoot hoorah! rest day for me!

Night bloggas.

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