Insanity Day 8: Pure Cardio

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heyyy there! So I said I was going to do a hybrid of p90x and insanity. But I'm really liking Insanity!!!!!! So fast paced I love it!

Well It's day 8 for me, which means it's the beginning of week 2! I was suppose to do Cardio power & resistance but I wanted to do pure cardio, since I did pure cardio at my apartment and thought I didn't really try my best. So I did Pure cardio first instead of doing it on day 9! Just switched it up a bit. It wont hurt!

But yea.. It's my last month before finals.. which means it's going to be hectic. However I managed to do the full week of the workout! finally exercised for 6 days straight. I don't know how long that's going to last because of all the exams and papers coming up, but I will definitely try my best to exercise! If not, i'll wake up early before class to do it! But either way, I'm going to restart the Insanity process when summer break starts! whoo hoo!!!!!!!! up for round 2!

So this may be good news to me.. But I weighed myself in the scale, and I was 125! I couldn't believe my eyes! Last week I was 130 and I originally weighed 135. So I was kind of shocked. I hope my scale isn't lying to me. It's not a digital scale and in my opinion it seems more accurate than the digital scale. The digital scale I have in my apartment keeps giving me mixed numbers. So I don't know what to believe.

Lately i've been feeling more energized less lazy and I actually can feel the difference in my body. My tummy is slightly getting smaller and my legs are getting less flabbier. HHAHA. Overall, I just feel really great! And I am one step closer to my goal! :)

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