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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay, So lately i've been feeling self conscious, because I obviously gained my so called freshman 15. I had to go a size higher with my jeans and for a while i could fit them perfectly. After a while, my thighs became huge! and the size 4 jeans could barely fit me. After that, I started seeing red new stretch marks and I knew I was messing up my body. I decided to stop making excuses for my self and just exercise. I mean I can make an excuse not to exercise but can spend over and hour and a half on the computer surfing the internet. So I decided to make a change, and really push my self to exercise at least 5 times a week. But once summer break starts i'm going to work out every day of course since I have the time.

Along the way, I'm going to make videos of me working out that way I can some sort of self motivation and keep track of my appearance and how well i've improved. So like i said in my video, i'm doing a hybrid of insanity and p90x. i'm mixing up the workouts just so I can get a firm foundation for the actual insanity challenge which is 60 days. This is also to help me get back in shape and condition myself. Also, I'm planning to eat healthier, because the foods you take in account for 80 percent of your results. If your eat unhealthy and exercise 6 days a week, you're really getting no where. You're basically just packing the calories back onto your body that you've already lost. So from here on, i'm going to try and smart choice of what I eat.

So here are my results!
switch kicks: 109
power jacks: 45
Power knees: 82
Power jump: 29
Globe jump: 5
suicide jump: 19
push up jacks: 14
low plank oblique: 38

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