Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me and my roommate decided to buy some healthy foods. Things that are like whole grain/wheat low fat reduced fat, a lot of veges and fruits. Hopefully this type of diet will allow me to see what my hard work of exercise has done! Usually when I do workout, I really don't watch what I eat. Maybe it was because I was at the weight I wanted to be and working out would just make me maintain my weight as well as eating whatever I want. But since I want to shred some fat and lose weight, I need to eat healthier and probably have a 1800 calorie intake perhaps? Idk, but all I know is that 3,500=1b. So I don't want to be going over that or else i'll gain weight!

I started working out and getting my diet together since last week, and lately i've been seeing results! I lost 6lbs in about a week. Saturday will be the end of week 2, and that's when I measure myself and all that good stuff. But i'm really pushing hard and trying my best to workout as much as I can. I'm even going to wake up early tomorrow before class just to work out. That's rarely an option for me, but I really am determined this time. However, I cannot film the workouts i'm doing these next few days because I'm at my apartment and I don't usually bring my camera with me.

But lately I've been exercising 5 days a week for about 40 minutes. And I've been trying to eat healthier and also got some brown rice as a substitute for white rice. Although white rice is so damn good.. it's just not as healthy.. Oh yea, i'm also going to try shakeology! It's this shake that can help you lose weight, feel energized, improve digestion and regularity, and lower cholesterol. More info in this link right here

So follow me and my journey to hopefully getting to my goal weight and healthy living.

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