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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Today is WEEK 3 DAY 5 of TAPOUT XT. LEGS AND BACK for me. I also went for a jog on the treadmill because I need sorta get some training in for the NWM in October. I'm still not the fastest long distance runner, probably my miles are about 11-12 min.. Was hoping someday i'd get to 10-9 min/miles. Any tips and trips? I feel as if my heart is about to explode when try to run 10-9 min miles. but anything is better than nothing.

P.S I was so not in the mood to workout today. The hardest part of the workout is the beginning it, but I get such a wonderful feeling afterwards and I get so proud of myself for finishing!


Putting my new heart rate monitor to use. Polar FT7. JOGGED 50 mins straight, walked the rest.. 621 calories burned in 57 mins. I’m a very slow jogger, but gotta start somewhere! Doing something is always better than nothing.. Thank goodness for music ESP PITBULL station on pandora! Got lost in the music while jogging and that’s how I got to jog so far without stopping. Tow up from the floor up, but whatevs! No one to impress. Also lovin my Nike Lunareclipse 2! Flo rida music also pumps me up: wild ones and I gotta feeling! Tapout xt legs and back tonight week 3 day 5. #thisismymotivation!

Lately I've been feeling a lot stronger. My arms are feeling toner. However my main concern is my weight. The number on the scale is intimidating. I feel like i'm working so hard get my weight isn't even budging! I'm also trying my best to eat clean. Although the numbers on the scale isn't changing, I am losing inches throughout my body. I mostly feel it in my upper body. My stomach is still flabby, thighs still jiggly and big.. but it's all about taking it slow. Progress doesn't come over night. It got me more than a day to gain all this it will most definitely be more than a day to lose all of this. I just get impatient and discourage sometimes because I know i'm working hard.. yet dramatic changes haven't came yet. I know if i keep this up, I will be seeing dramatic changes! LETS HOPE I DO KEEP THIS UP AND KEEP MY MOTIVATION UP!

Have to keep this quote in mind.

I also invested in a new heart rate monitor watch. My old one was okay.. but I feel like the calories burned were inaccurate because it didn't take my height weight or age into consideration. I read reviews about the polar FT7  HR monitor watch, and it also tracks how many calories you've burned and stores it to your watch. It also comes with a chest strap, which seems more legit than my other HR monitor which didn't come with a chest strap.  So far i'm loving it. 



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