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Thursday, July 19, 2012

****7/19/2012 UPDATE*******************************************

I gained all my weight and i'm back to where I started. It's a little upsetting because I was so close to my goal weight and I could have easily gotten there. Now I have to start from scratch and work harder. All my hard work just went to waste. But hey, it's life. You get yourself back up again and keep moving forward. I'm not perfect, nobody is. I started gaining weight on my winter break DEC 2011. When I when back to school again my weight would fluctuate from 127-132. I did exercise here and there but it wasn't on a daily basis. I would watch what I eat at times, and I stopped counting the calories I took in. When I started my summer vacation, I told myself I would shed all this weight off.. but apparently, that didn't happen. I ended up gaining weight because I was surrounded by food! I came back home for summer vacation, and my mom and grandma would cook, there would be a lot of parties. I'd go out to eat because I would miss out on food I haven't had when I was in school. It was getting crazy.. But i couldn't control myself because everything tasted so good. It wasn't until I wasn't able to fit into my summer shorts that made me realize I needed to do something. I hate spending money on new clothes just so I can fit them. So AS OF TODAY JULY 19th 2012 I STARTED THE EXERCISE WORKOUT CALLED TAPOUT XT! with my boyfriend. I also started on HERBALIFE to help facilitate my weight loss that way by the time I graduate on DECEMBER 2012 end of this year, I'll look good in my graduation dress!! It's all about control.. and how motivated you are and how much you really want this.


LIZA DAY 071912 TAPOUT XT copy

Fitness weightloss 2008-2009 copy

2008: I graduated from High school and began my freshman year of college. I didn't quite gain the freshman 15 everyone was talking about but I did gain about 5lbs.
2009: I started seeing a dramatic change in my weight from august 2009- dec 2009. My roommate and I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment. This gave us the opportunity to cook for ourselves. I remember we kept making big batches of chocolate chip cookies. I made like a dozen each day and who knows how much I consumed. We also didn't eat very healthy. We ate a lot of white rice, spam corn beef. And a lot of freezer foods. I think that's how I mainly started gaining weight.

Fitness weightloss 2010 copy

2010:  This year I reached my heaviest, weighing 135lbs. I can tell I gained weight because my feet would hurt just by standing in one place for a short period of time. I'm only 5"0 so weight that much puts a lot of strain on my feet. I also started getting numerous stretch marks on my thighs. They were bright red and itchy. This made me realize that I needed to do something before the summer began. So I started Insanity near the end of APRIL. I got wonderful results but still wasn't at my goal weight but it was good enough. Better than what I looked like at the beginning of the year. I weighed 122.

Fitness weightloss 2011 copy
2011 I pretty much maintained my weight throughout the year. I was my lightest during the summertime and often gained more weight during the winter time. I was starting to gain more weight during my winter break. I came back home with a lot of good food to eat, a lot of the food that I missed when I was staying back at my apartment.

Fitness weightloss 2012 copy
2012My weight would fluctuate when I started my spring semester of nursing school. I would run with my friends here and there and do a little bit of insanity.. but It wasn't on a daily basis. Probably exercised 2-3 times a week. Then I started gaining weight when I came home for the summer.. NOW GOING TO START TAP OUT XT! something new.

Pictures throughout my weightloss/weight gain from 2008-2012


fitness weight loss2008-2012 2 copy

fitness 2008-2012

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