Monday, July 30, 2012

DAY 7: rest day, but we used it up on monday, so we went straight through day 8.

DAY 8: My whole body was sore before beginning this workout. Mostly my arms and my butt. So far i'm loving this whole workout program. The workouts are between 55-45 mins. They go by really quick. I also love the fast pace of the workout, reminds me of insanity. There's always a different move each time which doesn't make it boring. So far so great! i'm feeling a lot better and a lot stronger. I cannot wait for the 30 day results!

DAY 9: was force and strength upper + abs. Did that tonight, well last night now since it's the next day already (2:45am right now). Didn't film it because I already have a video on that. Will probably film again next week to compare how much we've improved.

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