Determined, Insanity Round 2

Saturday, April 02, 2011

I am determined to do round 2 of insanity.
It's a brand new month, summer is right around the corner..
I have 2 months to complete round 2, so i'll be done by the end of May
after may, i'll start jogging and training for the Nike Marathon.
or i'll be doing that in between. 

This same time last year I was so determined to lose weight
and that's when I started insanity round 1. 
I lost 12 lbs, but it wasn't too my goal weight.
but It was good enough for me to rock a medicore summer body.

This year, I want to get to my goal weight..
118 would be nice..
maybe 10 more lbs or 7 more lbs i'll be good.
of course, i need to control my eating habits..
have been eating a lot of chocolate and cookies.. 
which are a big no no!
I'm going to start counting my calories again like I use to.
That really helped me managed my diet and I saw a lot of improvement.
especially making meals for myself instead of buying meals.
substituting white rice for brown rice and whole wheat pasta
helped me a lot with my weight loss too.

I really need to be determined. 
yeah i realized that I haven't been as active as I use to..
that's because my old ways caught up to me again..
i take a lot of naps after school because I get so tired..
but instead of naps i'm gonna try and work out..
hopefully after the workouts it'll leave me some time to do school work.
The end of the semester is coming to a close, 3 more weeks and 2 days until finals
It's getting stressful.. so much to do!

But i'll try my best to squeeze in some workouts.
I can feel my body getting chubbier.
I remember last summer i had some space in my jeans..
now my jeans fit me almost perfectly.
I want to get down to a size 3.. that a size away from what I am now.

Hopefully i'll keep this blog active..
and make more videos of my journey.

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