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Saturday, April 09, 2011

I initially wanted to start my workout at 11pm today.
However I got a little bit tired and was deciding on holding it off until tomorrow.
But it thought twice, because that would mean I would have to do 2 workouts tomorrow.
So I waited it out a bit, and took like a 20 minute nap..
Then.. as much as i didn't want to work out so late, and still felt really sleepy,
I pushed myself and worked out. Today was the end of WEEK 1 of Insanity round 2.

After the warm up, I was feeling wide awake, and I was ready to take on this workout.
My upper body strength is horrible. Push ups are a dread, but as much as i hate them,
they are great at sculpting my upper body. Which is what I want. I want my back
and arms to be more defined. and I also want to lose the upper back fat.

Anyways, I almost made an excuse to not work out today..
and my excuse was "it's getting late.. I don't want to wake anyone up." 
But I fooled myself because everyone in my family was up except for my dad..
So, instead of not exercising, i got my butt up and forced myself to do the best that I can.
And now i feel great that i did it!!
Just think about it.. another step closer to my goal weight and body!!

I also purchased INSANITY THE ASYLUM today!
I got the deluxe package, and it was 134 for me. I think. somewhere around that price
Regular price was like 179 for the deluxe.
Being a beachbody coach has a bunch of benefits! 
Want to sign up to be a beach body coach?
I can help you! Just email me!! 
And you can save 25% on your orders!!
It's wonderful! 

My game plan is that after 2 months of insanity..
i'll be done around end of may,
I'm going to start the Insane Asylum after that for another 30 days.
OR, i might do it in combination with the 2nd month of Insanity.
We'll see!! But i'm gonna get my BODY in time for my 21st birthday! lol!!

I will be taking before and after pictures, monitoring my weight and measurements.
I hope the insane asylum gives out free shirts like insanity did after the program! 

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