Shake for breakfast

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Just got done doing INSANITY PURE CARDIO.
mann.. that was tough.. 
Although this is my 2nd round, it feels like it's my 1st! 
it's still as rough as I remember doing it my first time.
But it will get better in time as long as i keep pushing..
pushing my limit..

I'm proud of myself. I've really been forcing myself
to work out and count my calories and watch what i eat.
But i splurge here and there. I'm human.. okay.
My Fitness Pal is a great app, and website that I mentioned from
my other blog post.
I've been entering all the foods i've been eating
and it helps me not go over my calories!!

So far i've lost 3lbs in the past 2 weeks.
I was 125 fluctuating around 127 sometimes..
But I weighed myself in today and I was 122.4! yess!!
115-118 would be a nice goal weight. 
I just want to fit my size 3 jeans again,
lose the stomach flab,
upper back flab, 
and of course my thigh fat.
my thighs cant fit into the size 3 jeans..
they're too big. lol.

For breakfast I made myself a green berry shakeology
I added a bit of mango nectar juice, some water and berries.
i estimated the calories and it came up to 280.
it's probably a little bit less than that, but i like adding more
just so i can have excess calories without going over.


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