What have I been doing lately?!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

babe and I getting our exercise on!

Here are video clips of my boyfriend and I taking breaks from running. LOL. yes we really did run, It may seem like we were just walking and fooling around but we were resting at that time. We were out for an hour and 30 mins.

I've been studying for a DARN TEST that i'm going to take on Saturday! ugh.. gotta study hard b/c I dont want to fail and drop the nursing program :/

Anyways.. I have skipped like 2 days of insanity.. maybe 3.. But yesterday I made up for it by swimming doing laps in my friends pool. I was swimming for about a good 6 hours yesterday. Today I was going to finish week 1 of insanity, but instead I went running with my brother. Ran 2 miles in 30 mins.. (I know, i'm freakin slow), but i burned 465 calories! Good enough. Least I'm still working out!!

But I am going to continue on with insanity tomorrow. BACK on TRACK. lol.

I am excited for turbofire, it's coming out soon. I hope it doesnt get sold out! Imma stay up to purchase it online. LOL! mmk so that's what Ive been up to

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