Insanity Round 2: Day 4 & Working out with boyfriend

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Today for my day 4 of insanity I did Pure cardio instead of the cardio recovery. I am basically following the weekly schedule but switching it around. The reason why I did pure cardio today, is because tomorrow I am hopefully going jogging with my boyfriend tomorrow!!

So our run, will replace the cardio recovery. I am excited to exercise with my boyfriend because we have never worked out together. I've been planning and been wanting to work out with him 2 years ago, but we never made it happened. I was either too lazy he was lazy, or tired from work. But this year is different for me! I am up and moving and craving for more results!

I hope he can wake-up in time for our run tomorrow. He said he'll be running with weights! I'll be sure to bring my flip cam and such for video! lol! hoorah! I've been waiting for this day!

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