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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I asked my boyfriend to promise me to workout with me over the summer.
He agreed.. And so far he has followed through with every word he has said.
I'm doing the first month of insanity with him, along with all the other workouts im doing.
We got done with Cardio Power and Resistance.. and he though that was a lot tougher 
than Plyo. The Jumps really get your heart racing.. and I think that's what got him the most.
He does more strength training than cardio, so It's good for him!
He'll have a healthier heart, and his stamina will be built like before.
(He use to be a football player back in high school).
He gets a little tired near the mid-end of the workout..
but I don't blame him, this workout is rough. 
So far i'm proud of him! :)
He doesn't want me to record us working out.. so i'll respect his privacy. 

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