4 miles down.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

This morning, my cousin and I met up and ran to this 
park from the other side of our neighborhood.
It felt like a long RUN! The road looked so endless..
But he kept pushing me.. there were so many time where I wanted to just
Rest.. but I was motivated.. and I kept going.. 
I was so proud of myself. I pushed myself to the limit.
I didn't rest one bit. We did 2 miles in 25 minutes.
But we didn't stop there. Once we got to the park we did about 5 laps
around the park. Boy was I tired. 

It's really nice running with a partner.
You have someone to push you to your limit.
I know I was running by myself, I would easily slow down to rest.
It was really really hard, but I accomplished it!!
Now.. I need to get 13 miles down. lol..
I'm slowly working at it.
I'ma start up insanity Monday with the 2nd month. 
And run too.

That's my update! I hope everyone is getting their sexy on! 

-Nike Slogan.

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  1. It's nice to have a workout buddy because you can motivate each other. I'm very excited to start working out with my friend because doing it by myself can get pretty boring and is easier to get side tracked..

  2. @Grace: YES!! I wish my boyfriend would run with me.. It's hard running by myself, because you can easily stop whenever you want to..


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