No motivation

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The past couple of days i've been extremely unmotivated to workout.
On Friday, I wasn't really in the mood to work out, but I knew I had to.
My Fiancé and I did Shoulders/Abs and HIIT on the treadmill. 
The feeling afterwards is very rewarding and we both were glad we went.
Saturday came and we decided we would have a rest day. I still
give myself props for working out at least 4x this week and also
did cardio 4x this week as well. 

Sunday rolls around, my attitude for working out wasn't all there.
Again, I knew that I needed to go and I keep forgetting about the rewarding
feeling I would get after. Just in that moment, I wasn't feeling it.
We went to 8:45am mass and just chilled the rest of the day.
We finally went to the gym around 5pm because that's when my 
Fiance was available to work out. Again, I felt weak,
my lifts we're pretty good although I didn't feel my strongest,
however my squats felt shitty. 

I hit 185 3sets of 3, 
and I wasn't able to do a PR that day. 
As for deadlifts I hit 195 2 sets of 3, I would've been
able to do more if my grip strength was all there.
This time I used Athletic chalk, which helped me a bit,
but I didn't use too much of it bc I still wanted to work on my 
grip strength. After we went to the leg presses, hack squat, then 
lying leg curls. Viola, that was it!
Again, after feeling very unmotivated, tired, weak,
I still got my workout done and felt very proud of myself. 

I was able to get my booty gains in!

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