Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today, I didn't have much interest in working out, but I knew I 
had to put in work today. I woke up late and didn't want to hit gym traffic
so I ended up doing cardio at home since I have a treadmill here.
I did 300 calories on the treadmill which steady state cardio,
nothing fancy, for 50mins. Instead of lying in bed on my phone,
I walked incline and listening to music, watch youtube videos
on my phone. A healthier alternative to a sedentary activity. 
I figured I would wait around 10:30pm to hit up the gym,
that's when it usually die down.

Time passed.. 10pm hit, I almost did not want to go.
Usually my fiancé would go late nights with me but
he was tired and decided to stay back.
Although I contemplated about staying home,
I eventually drove my booty to the gym and got it done!
The feeling afterwards is so rewarding! 

Yesterday, We were suppose to hit chest and Triceps
later on that night, but that didn't happen,
luckily I got my cardio in that morning.
So this evening I worked on triceps and legs.
I rarely or don't even work out my chest.

Legs are my favorite muscle group to work with.
I tried filming but it wasn't working out, with my iPhone.
I did Cable Pull Throughs
Cable Leg lifts on a bench
A Bit of Lunges
Squats 135lbs 3 set of 5
155lbs 3 set of 5
Sumo Deadlifts 155lbs 4 set of 5
Hack Squat Goodmornings 200lbs 4set of 10
Ended it off with lying leg curls! 

Boy did it feel amazing to accomplish all of that!
I love that the gym was empty and I got to take my time on
the squat rack and cable machines! It's like a playground for me!

Came home took my protein shake,
My favorite one right now is Gold Standard Whey Protein in Mocha Cappuccino.
The flavor is amazing and also easy to stir, no chunks! 


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