Worked out 6 out of 7 days

Sunday, October 04, 2015

A couple weeks ago I weighed myself and mind you,
it's been a good long while since I've weighed myself, maybe almost 6+ months?
I never really want to weigh myself because I always get discouraged,
However I weighed myself just for the hell of it.
I was 140.. I NEVER EVER hit the 140s! My max was 138!
That made me realize that I had to get back on it.
I was doing a little bit of minor workout outs here and there
but nothing too intense like i use to do.

The following week, Starting September 28th,
I woke up bright an early before work, (around 3:40am)
and went to the gym! Yes.. I'm jeopardizing my sleep,
but it really wasn't that hard waking up super early. 
I work at 6:30am, so It's kinda nice to get my workout in 
before work, so that after work i can do errands, prepare food,
rest, etc. !

My only rest day this week was saturday, although I did want to hit up the cycling
class saturday morning but I figured i would sleep in a bit.
I just got done with my work out today (Sunday)
before I go to church.

Trust me it's not easy, but the feeling you get after the workout is so worth it.
I also bought a new Polar watch, I had an older version prior, but the one I have
now is the Polar A300. 

I did HIIT on the treadmill for 30mins then did a little bit of ab workouts
and some squats. 

In total I lost 566 calories ;) !

Another goal I did was to do 
**2 pull-ups/chin-ups without touching the floor!
I will slowly keep setting mini goals for myself to accomplish.
When I get to 130lbs, i'll get a new piece of fitness clothing! lol!

I also tried this new pre-workout today called Motiv8, it's also a fat burner.
Let me tell you.. that thing really gets you pumped and energize and you can feel it!
I didn't even put the full scoop in bc i'm sensitive to caffeine.
Prior, I used a pre-workout drink from the Brand JYM!
I really like that one bc you gradually feel the pump and its not as intense.
One other pre-work I've tried in the past was emerge, i believe that's also 
a fat burner.. however, It didn't go well with my heart. I felt like throwing up
and was having palpitations.

As for clean eating..
I will have my cheat days especially on the weekend,
and will have some things i like in moderation.
But i am trying to eat better especially preparing 
healthy meals for work ;)

I'm starting off slow, that way i don't fall off the fitness wagon again.
I'm normally not very successful and i only last a couple of months before
getting lazy again. Hopefully this time will be different. 

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