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Saturday, January 07, 2012

in the summer of 2010 is when I started my whole fitness journey.
I lost about 13lbs from doing 2 months of insanity,
and maintained my weight to about 118-120.
I was more cautious about what I ate that year

in 2011 I maintained my weight 
to about 125-130, in the summer.
it fluctuated after the summer time because I wasn't 
exercising as much as I wanted too.

Towards December, I started pigging out,
I ended my stressful semester and went on winter break.
Which meant I came back home for the break.
There were so many things to eat, 2 holidays so many food.
I just didn't give a damn.. and BAM.. I have to pay for it now.
I'm back where I began..

I notice that when I gain weight my feet begin to hurt
because I can feel the heaviness of my body.
Lately i noticed my feet hurting.. and checked on the scale and it was not a pretty sight.
I was like about 132. ugh..
I came so far.. yet I gained it all back because of my poor decisions
and lack of exercise.
Food is very tempting..
so is napping and sleeping instead of getting up and getting active.

This year, 2012 and so forth, I will try my best to increase my exercise activity
as much as I possibly can, that means, trying to get an exercise in before of after class.
I will try to NOT make any excuses..
and I will eat clean and healthy.
That will be my goal.

Starting weight: 132
GW APRIL 2012: 120
GW JULY 2012: 115

Let's make this happen. 5lbs every 2 months.
I need to be motivated!! 
This needs to be a lifestyle change,
and a lifelong change.

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