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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I haven't got around to updating this blog. i've always been updating my other blogs, but that minimized since i started my first semester of nursing school. To be honest, I haven't been exercising as much as I did, which I really really missed because I was getting somewhere with my goal weight. But I'm not gaining all that much weight either. i'm trying to control what I eat and all that since i'm not working out as much. I'm going to try to fit in workouts here and there so I can look even better during the summer and especially for my 21st birthday! lol!

Since i felt so unactive and haven't worked out in a while, i did Insanity Pure Cardio! and Oh boy, that is not something you would do right off the bat after being away from exercise. I mean If i did plyo cardio circuit, then i think I can handle it since there are breaks. But pure cardio had no breaks, and I started to get light headed almost at the end. But overall it was a good workout and i felt so good and energized to start my day!

I also want to tell you all about my cross training shoes that I got last May which I love and are comfy for me. I think they are called the Nike Zoom. And I also wanted to show you all a picture of the insanity shirt I worked for, for sending in my before and after pictures and measurements!! What an accomplishment!

Oh yea, sometime this year, a group of my cousins and I are going to run a 13.2 mile marathon for the leukemia and lymphoma society in honor of my brother who passed away from leukemia. I really need to start training because I've never ran more than 2 miles. lol! and 13 miles? oh boye.. i'm motivated tho.
Does anyone recommend any good running shoes by the way?

Here's me after my workout today


I got this shirt back in July, but i never really got to flaunt it. lol! proud of my accomplishments!



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