Going back to Oakland

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer was super fun! I had a bunch of great time with family and friends. Although I didn't get to do everything on my list of things to do, I still had an amazing summer. First thing on my list was to go to six flags, and I certainly did just that. We also went to Monterrey & San Francisco. I hope next summer is a lot more relaxing though. I was a bit stressed out from my TEAS test b/c i didn't pass the first time.. and I only have one more try to take it.. Like i said on my previous posts, If i don't pass the 2nd time.. I have to find a different nursing school to go to.. and basically all the money is a waste.. That's why I was stressed b/c I didn't know when to take it.. I didn't even feel like studying to be quite honest.. I simply just wanted to enjoy my summer and get some sun!!

Oh yeah, that was another thing on my list, was to get some sun! Get a tan! I accomplished that! LOL! thanks to Cheska's swimming pool!

Sadly, I have to go back to Oakland for school.. I wouldn't even mind going to school here where I live.. Man I know ppl say it's boring and all that over here.. but I really don't mind it at all.. I don't mind living in the valley :D. I actually love it here. But I know If I study here.. i won't get much done..

Here I go.. leaving my loved ones to study.. Taking Physio this sem, & on top of that I have to study for my TEAS test that's coming up Sep 18th. Good lucky to me eh? So nervous for this semester.. I have to get it right.. or else I can't move on.

You'll probably start seeing less of me updating my blogs.. darn. I really enjoy taking pics and posting them up.. Maybe winter break? I'll be going to the Philippines in December for my cousin's wedding.

Although i'm dreading going back to school.. I can't wait for next summer b/c if I do well this semester and pass my classes and my TEAS then i'll have a LONGER summer that awaits me. I transfer to Samuel Merritt <~ Nursing school (IF I DO WELL) in the Spring, and we end vacation end of April, and Start beginning of September. YES! Wish me luck yall.. I'll have gray hairs by the time you u see pictures of me next summer! I really have to keep up with my exercising too tho!!!! SOMEONE KEEP ME ON TRACK!

Until then, I will have to study my ass off!

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